and selling real estate

Are you looking to buy or sell real estate? You are in safe hands with Warsaw Properties.

With over a decade of experience on the local property market we can guarantee our clients a top quality service in supervising any sales or purchase transactions. We have supervised hundreds of transactions to date and our tried and trusted methods and proactive approach ensure that no transaction is too complicated for our experienced team.

We can assist in all areas of a given transaction, from the intial legal and technical due diligence through to securing bank finance and dealing with the land and mortgage resgistry courts after the final notarial deeds have been signed. rentals

Searching for an apartment to rent? Trying to find a tenant for your investment property?

Our strong presence on the local rental market and excellent reputation among tenants and property owners for being responsive to their requirements means that we have become the automatic choice for many when the matter of property rental arises.

Through close co-operation with owners and tenants, we ensure that vacancy periods are kept to a minimum by making sure that any problems or issues that might arise are also kept to a minimum. Management

Tired of dealing with demanding tenants, problematic payments or technical problems in your apartment? Why not leave all that to our professional property management team!

We take care of every single detail related to the management of your investment property from the communication flow between tenant, owner and building administration company down to the technical supervision and upkeep of the property guaranteeing that it doesn't suffer wear and tear as the years go by. Create more free time for yourself by leaving your property in our safe hands! furnishings

If the fitting out and furnishing of your property appears to be a daunting task then why not lean on our vast experience in this area to manage your project through from beginning to end.

We have designed, fitted out and furnished hundreds of apartments and retail units as well as many restaurants and hotels so you can be sure that we will see even the most challenging project through to a successful ending.

Whether you require a fully tailormade interior design project and execution or just a small bedroom painted then our professional fit out and project managment team can help you every step of the way