Efficient property management

Do you own an investment property in Poland?
Let us take care of all the work and hassle involved in managing the property on a day to day basis!

  • We can guarantee you peace and quiet as we deal directly with the tenants and service suppliers
  • We supervise all payments and costs keeping everything under close control
  • We make sure the property is kept in excellent technical condition
  • We minimize vacancy periods though our strong letting experience

And all of the above allows you to focus on your other priorities rest assured that your real estate investments are in safe hands!

Below you will find the scope of standard property management services we provide as well as a list of common tasks and requests we carry out :

Scope of management activities

  • Liaison with tenants
  • Full supervision of rental payment and settlements
  • Controlling payments in arrears
  • Liaison with city authorities
  • Liaison with building administration company
  • General maintenance and upkeep of apartments
  • Controlling & settling monthly admin payments
  • Assisting tenants sign up for following services: Cable TV, Satellite TV, Internet & telephone
  • Representing owners in residents association
  • Liaising with banks
  • Liaising with owner’s legal representatives
  • Storage of documents regarding apartments inc. guarantees, all correspondence, rental contracts etc
  • Safe-keeping of all keys, remote controls, access cards etc
  • Collection of materials and relevant information for tax returns
  • Overseeing tax returns

Common requests / duties / tasks

  • Organizing new / extra keys & remote controls
  • Organizing access for tenants if they mis-place keys / access cards
  • Registering tenants for residency certificates in city hall. Mostly in the case of foreigners
  • Repairing appliances and equipment during or post guarantee
  • Light maintenance like changing light-bulbs, transformers, hanging pictures etc
  • Co-operating with building admin to help locate and liquidate problems in building / apartments like leaks etc.
  • Enforcing house rules, i.e. if administration complains about clothes lines on balcony, satellite dishes, noise, unsocial behaviour etc
  • Taking care of extra requests by tenants for items such as blinds, extra furniture and so on.
  • Technical collections & snagging when the apartments were handed over by developer
  • Doing all meter readings when rental contracts are ending / beginning.
  • Managing rental contracts, making sure payments are in and chasing up late payments
  • Preparing documents for cases to be brought to court against tenants who are in arrears
  • Seasonal maintenance of heating systems and radiators